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Below are our terms and conditions. These govern the fair and ethical use of the site www.pybo.com.au.

The material on the Site is copyright © 2018 and is the property of the parent company

Dec and Tec Pty Ltd. Australia.

Without any prior written permission attained from Pybo, copying or using of any material from this site is not permitted and may be liable for Intellectual property rights action.

The services provided at http://www.pybo.com.au are provided by Dec & Tec Pty Ltd (Dec & Tec), based in Melbourne, Australia.
PYBO stands for Promote Your Business Online.

This document describes our terms and conditions applicable to the use of any service provided under http://www.pybo.com.au (the site, our site, this site) domain or any sub-domains. If anyone does not wish to be bound by these terms of use, then they may not use any services provided by or through the site.

This document should be read in conjunction with our privacy policy, which can be found at the bottom of our home page.

Note** Throughout our site, the following terms shall be commonly used ì Party Supplies/Party suppliers/Caterer/Entertainers

Wherever the term ì Party Supplies/Party suppliers/Caterer/Entertainers is used, it denotes a person/company that provides service related directly or indirectly to organising a party/parties those that may be featured through our site.

Party suppliers/Caterer/Entertainers can be either male/female or a group and may be either government registered or unregistered depending on the type of task or job required to be undertaken.

Note** the term- Registered user- Is noted to be that primary person that first registered the account with PYBO by linking his name and other details to that Profile.
Note** the term- Service provider refers to a person or business that provides a specific service in exchange for payment.
Note** the term-Entertainer refers to a person, such as a singer, dancer, or comedian, clown, magician whose job is to entertain others.
Note** the term- Registered User- A registered user is a user of a website, program, or other system who has previously registered. Registered users normally provide some sort of credentials (such as a username or e-mail address, and a password) to the system in order to prove their identity: this is known as logging in.

The use of these terms was considered appropriate on this site as being the most understood and common term used around Australia.

1- User responsibility

It is mandatory before you use this site that you have read and understood our Terms of use and that you accepted them prior to using the Site.

Following our Terms of use is a mandatory requirement and is in no way an acceptance of any agreement between any website user and us at PYBO.

Registered user and visitors are required to have the moral responsibility to treat each other on ‘the site’ with respect and without using any defamatory, offensive or illegal language or conduct.

2- Registered users /visitors with query

If you do have any query related to our terms & conditions or ‘our site’
or wish to report any issue on or about ‘the Site’ please email us at support@pybo.com.au at the earliest.

3- Our Business

Our service at PYBO is to provide an online directory to assist people in finding their Local Party supplier/supplies/entertainer easily and
vice versa for Party Supplies/Party suppliers/Caterer and Entertainers to advertise their skills and services and other business information to the general public.

You must acknowledge and agree that PYBO, in no way directly favours a specific transaction may it be a Party suppliers/Caterer or Entertainers or their business.

We provide our Directory service as a medium to facilitate finding of local Party Suppliers/Party supplies/Caterer/Entertainers and their services to the general public.

PYBO will purely allows Party Suppliers/Party supplies/Caterer/Entertainers and party related services to advertise their business/services through ‘our site’ as an opportunity to promote their business online and be found easily by people looking for those services to make their organising task easier.

Our service provided is of a general advertising nature or somewhat similar to those of a local/general directory classifieds.
Businesses who provide party related services register and advertise their goods and services through our directory and public looking for those services can search through our directory website for those services.

4- Guarantee

PYBO in no way guarantees the services of any Service Provider or business advertised on this site nor does it provide any guarantees as to the authenticity and financial viability of their services advertised on the site.

PYBO does not and will not provide professional advice and gives no such warranty, guarantee or representation about the accuracy, reliability or timeliness or otherwise, for the information contained on the Site about any person, Business or their service.

Any Business or Service information displayed on ‘our site’ is entirely managed by the registered user.

PYBO gives registered users the ability to manage and update their Profiles and business information as accurately as possible.

PYBO has no system or ability whereby any or certain details/credentials provided by a registered user or business are inspected or validated by our staff.
If any information provided by the registered user is checked and confirmed then that information will be highlighted or have a verified tag or symbol near it.

PYBO also does not conduct any of its own searches and does not provide any assurances or warranties concerning the legality or validity of documents/media other than that they have been received and displayed online.

PYBO will not be liable under any circumstances for any loss of profits or any damages of any kind recognised by law (even if it has been advised of the possibility of such loss of profits or damages) which are the consequence of people choosing a Party Suppliers/Party supplies/Caterer/Entertainers/Business service or private services located through the site.

5- Due Diligence

Registered site users or general public looking for Party Suppliers/Party supplies/Caterer/Entertainers/Business service or private services advertised through PYBO are requested to do their due diligence research, make reasonable enquiries and searches about any person or business located through our site.

Private service providers and Businesses responding to any requests from the general public are also requested to perform their own research, make reasonable enquiries and searches before attending to any requests.

6- Authorized users

All registered users are required not to provide their account details to anyone else other than themself. Allowing any other person to log into their account on their behalf is their own responsibility and that the actions of that secondary user will become a responsibility of that registered account holder. **Ref section 1

7- Our Rights

We at PYBO reserve the full right to change the Term and conditions or its content contained in the Site: without any prior notice to you; and without having to give you any explanation or justification for such change.

8- Communication

The general public may have the ability to contact a Service provider/ business via our web based contact form, the website may also generate automated emails to registered and general website users that communicate through our website. Any emails sent through the website may be considered part and property of the PYBO and its network.

If you have received an email from PYBO and are unsure of it legitimacy, please report the email as soon as possible to Support@pybo.com.au

PYBO does not request for personal banking/account details, private information like -date of birth or payment information like card numbers via email or over the phone.
If you do come across any suspicious requests for fund or payments and are unsure of it legitimacy, please report it via email as soon as possible to Support@pybo.com.au

9- Professional advice

All user of the site reading articles or any other material posted on the site should review
the information carefully. The information is not intended in any way to be a substitute for professional advice. Neither is any content published through the website or our e-newsletters is intended as professional advice.

Should you no longer wish to receive our emails, you may click on the unsubscribe link located in each email or send an email to our support team at support@pybo.com.au to unregister your email address from future e-news letters and offers.

10- Fees and Charges

Using PYBO to locate your Party related services or service providers is totally free of cost.

Services providers/Businesses that wish to advertise their services through our site can refer to our pricing page and How it works page.

11- Contact method

After shortlisting your required party related Service provider/Business and wish to make contact with them,

PYBO would recommend that you contact the service provider directly via the preferred contact method specified in their contact section.
If you wish to use the contact form within PYBO located in the profile page of that service provider please be aware that
The contact form sends out an email to the service provider with your details, We only provide this service as an assistance to you and we endeavor to forward your request to that service provider or business on your behalf.

We cannot be held responsible/liable or accountable for use of the contact form as a method of contact with the service provider/ Business nor can we guarantee delivery by a set date or a set time.

Contact forms are dependent on how busy the network maybe or how busy that sending / receiving web server maybe at the time.

12- Your responsibility
Visitors and registered businesses using PYBO and making contact with each other outside of the site are fully responsible to the care and safety of each other and in no way under our control when outside of the PYBO network.

Discussing the details of the service wanted or completed or the type of service required from a service provider or the price or any Liability insurances held by the service provider or any other information related to getting the job organised are your personal responsibility.

PYBO accepts no liability for any individual/ public user / registered user/ registered business/ service provider outside of the PYBO Office staff for their conduct and method of dealing with each other.

PYBO neither has the power to control a situation that happens outside of the site and will not include or attach itself to any part of the conflict that may occur between a public user and registered service provider/Business outside this site.

At the time of making contact with any Party suppliers/Caterer/Entertainers/business through this website, please make sure you have done your own reasonable enquiries and searches to ascertain the credibility and authenticity of that servive provider/Business and their ability to perform the job you need completed.

PYBO makes no recommendations or suggestions to the method of choice when choosing a particular Party suppliers/Caterer/Entertainers/ business /service provider.

13- Links/Media and general advertisements

PYBO may contain external/ third party material like links, media and advertisements throughout the site. These may be uploaded and operated by other registered users or third parties and which may not be under the control of PYBO.

PYBO takes no responsibility for that material and would transfer any liability to that advertiser/ registered user for uploading that material via our website if it does not promote proper and ethical business conduct.

Any website usage misconduct can be reported to support@pybo.com.au and we endeavour to review it at the earliest.

14- Payment Terms & Refunds

14-1- Our Fees

You agree that having paid for a service with PYBO does not eliminate our right to limit or terminate any service of an account holder if we have any concerns related to your business.
Registered accounts and adverts will only be approved and shown online only once we have received payments.

14-2- Payment terms

Account holders must agree they are responsible for paying our services upfront and any of our post billed invoices within the payment terms of the invoice.

You also understand that we only accept payment by credit cards, debit card online thought our websites payment page or via bank to bank transfer in special cases.

Any invoice which is more than 7 days overdue will have that respective service temporarily suspended. Temporary suspended services can be restarted on completion of pending payment and emailing support@pybo.com.au requesting restart of suspended service.

You agree to receive all invoices by email to the email address you have provided to us at registration.

It is your responsibility to ensure that this email address provided to us is working and actively accepting email in your main inbox. It is also your responsibility that our emails are not dropped in your Spam box by your e-mail provider.

14-3- Refund

You may only be eligible for a refund If you wish to terminate your service with us.

If you wish for us to review your request for a refund, please email us directly at

support@pybo.com.au explaining in brief your reason for refund.

For Internet Security and Fraud reasons all refunds will be applied to the same credit card or the account that it was paid from. No refund will be processed to be transferred to personal accounts.

Once we agree that your request for a refund is genuine-

We will process your refund amount based on all paid full months.

Refund requests should be received at least 3 days before the end of the month so as to give us enough reasonable time to organize termination and removal of any displayed pages, material and media linked under your business. Refunds are processed of any remaining full months of your package.

All termination request received within the last 3 days of that month will be

processed in the next following month.
All our Packages are priced using 30 days reference. we calculate a round figure for every 30 days of advertising as a month.

Refund amount will be processed as follows under your package

3 months package $15 for every 30 days still pending in you plan

6 months package $10 for every 30 days still pending in your plan

12 months package $7.50 for every 30 days still pending in your plan

14-4- Failed & Disputed Payments

If you have a question about a charge on your credit or debit card, you agree to contact us using the form available on our Contact us page as soon as possible.

Should any payment method you use fail or is later reclaimed/refunded by the bank or card issuer you agree to pay the costs levied upon us for your action.

15 Processing Time frames

After 1st time registration Approval takes 48 hours

Renewal Notice sent 7 days before expiry of Listing

Closing of Listing/ Account takes 72 hours

Any Refund will be for pending full months only.

Closure of listing and refunds request if received 3days before the end of the month

Shall be processed on the 1st of the next month.

Amount refunded will be as denoted in Section 14-3

Payment invoices are generally sent to the registered email within 24 hours of payment being processed successfully. If you did not receive it please contact us immediately.

Any disputes shall be reviewed and responded to with 10 business days and if the matter in dispute is complex then additional time shall be requested at the time.

16 Disclaimer

Disclaimer relating to PYBO and its online presence

PYBO does not warrant, guarantee or make any representation that:

the Site, or the server that hosts the site are virus free.

the functions/applications contained in any form of software on the Site will operate uninterrupted or are error-free; and

errors and defects in the Site will be corrected instantly.

PYBO is not liable to you for:

errors or omissions in the Site, or linked Businesses on the Internet.

delays to, interruptions of the services provided in the Site, or linked Businesses ; and

defamatory, offensive or illegal conduct of any Registered user/ Business of the Site, whether caused through negligence of PYBO its employees or independent contractors, or through any other cause.

Pybo may also have the website under maintenance as it endeavors to check, update and maintain that the web site is error free and running smoothly from time to time.

Pybo accepts no costs related to repair, correction and maintenance of any of your computer software or hardware, which may become necessary as a consequence of you accessing the Site.

Thank you for taking the time to read or terms and conditions.Please contact us via email at support@pybo.com.au if you have any queries related to our terms or service provided.