Registering with a directory vs Building your own Website

We always get asked why is registering with our directory cheaper?
We built our website and hence we know exactly what it costs to own one.
Some people would still wish to have their own website and not worry about costs or effort involved. If you have various products and services then its betters to have your own website …

But people who wish to advertise a single product or skill and lack expert IT knowledge then you are better off getting the help from someone who can list your service for a fraction of a fee

Below are a few points you would want to consider before deciding on a directory listing site or your build your own site

Directory Websites
They cost fraction of the cost
Plans can be monthly or yearly.
You have help if you are not totally IT savvy with how to set up.
You may have a choice where to place your listing. Right on top/ highlighted ad.
You have the choice to register with multiple directory websites.
You can move to another provider any time you wish.
Perfect for start-up as it minimises cost and risk.

You don’t own the web site but a page or space within that directory.
You are bound by directory rules, terms and condition.
You have a fixed theme and major changes within profiles are not possible.

Your own website
Its your own web site, you decide how it looks and feels.
You can customise it how ever you like.
Website hosting costs are very reasonable these days.
You own you own domain name.

You need an IT person to build, modify and maintain your website.
If you don’t have one on board you may be billed per hour for maintaining it.
Changes to your website may be time consuming and expensive to develop.
You have to know what your site requirements are in speed and bandwidth.
You may have to pay for security of your website if any payments are involved.
Getting it secured via HTPPS.
If you wish to be on the top of search results in Google for your own site,
you may be paying extra for SEO(Search Engine Optimisation)
Optimising your website can sometimes take anywhere from 3 to 6 months
It can be a quick or a gradual process of tweaking till
you see your website grow to the first page of Google Search results
Any updates may need to be tested and installed on to your website by you.

This article was written to shed some light on some basic points of what’s involved when having your own website or registering with a third party directory site.

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