Organizing a party for kids is fun but then what fun activities to organize for them can sometimes be a blank moment for some. Here is a small list we have compiled that will save your day if nothing really comes to mind.

1- Finding that smarty
For this hilarious activity you will need a bowl of raw rice
and 7 to 10 smarties hidden in each bowl.
The kid that finds all the smarties from a bowl wins in the fastest time.
This game can also be customized to use whipped cream instead of raw rice.
if its whipped cream in the bowl then you can have the kinds use no hands to
find the smarties in the bowl.

2- Outdoor treasure hunt
What’s more exciting then asking kids to hunt for lollies or hampers
hidden around the party area. Placing small paper clues around the place can sure increase their
excitement to try and find their big treasure.

4- Toss that ring
Tossing rigs at a bottle or a dowel made from wood can be super
fun and also challenging.

5- Musical chairs
Musical chars gives kids a chance to dance as well as make them run to
grab the nearest chair.
Chairs are placed in the centre and kids are made to run around in a circle with music playing, when
the music stops, kids run to fid a sitting spot on the nearest chair. The kid that is left standing is
out of the game.
If you have10 kids then its best to have up-to 9 chairs to start with and
reduce one chair each turn till you end up with the last chair.
Last person sitting on the final chair- Wins.

6- Spoon race
Kids hold a spoon in their mouth and balance a lemon or a ping pong ball
in the scoop of the spoon while running towards the finish line.
First person to cross the finish line wins.

7- Balloon toss
Teams of two toss water filled balloons and their partners try to catch them.
Each partner takes one step away from the other after every toss.
The team with the last unbroken balloon wins.

8- Cookie/donut on a string
Hanging a cookie or donut on a string and attache it to your clothes lines for
kids to eat without using their hand is super awesome fun.
Fastest eating cookie monster kid -Wins.

9- Egyptian Mummy
Mummify your partner is another fun game. Kids love it and so do adults.
Teams of twos and are give one full tissue roll each.
One person then tries to wrap their partner with the entire tissue roll covered from head to toe.
Team with the best covered Egyptian mummy -Wins.

10- Balloon Smash
This is one of the games kids just love.
Each kid gets a balloon tired to their ankle.
The main objective is to break your opponents balloon wile keeping your
balloon safe from others.
The last person with the balloon still tied to their ankle -Wins!

2- Nerf prize
Everyone seems to hand a Nerf gun now a days.
Place Ping pong balls on top of a beer bottle and shooting them off
can be good fun for kids.
Kids stand at a distance and try to shoot the ping pong ball
off the bottles.
First one to shoot the ping pong of the bottle wins.

Leave us a comment below if you know of any other awesome fun outdoor activity your kinds love or have been a part of.We may decide to add it to our list.

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