1. Who is PYBO?
We are a Party Services Directory – Australia wide.
We help people search and find PARTY Services through PYBO.com.au

2. Who can register?
If your service provided relates to Parties & Events then YES!
You sure can register with PYBO.com.au

3. Is there a fee for listing your business?
We have 3 months, 6 months and 12 months Listing Plans
Our introductory offer on our
3 month listing plan is FREE.(Via our Coupon Code only)
6 months & 12 months are Paid Listings
We are offering our 6 months Listing totally FREE with no Obligations attached
to our first 50 registration Australia wide.

We do have 50% OFF on our MEGA 12 months plan from time to time.

4. Are listing prices reasonable?
Yes- We have tried to keep them the lowest possible.
Our 12 moth plan only costs $10 a month and 6 month plan costs $15 a month
We do not believe in charging the community a big fee just to
be able to Promote their Party Business or service online.
Small businesses are the heart of our local community and so
We have kept our fees to the minimum possible.

5. What will your listing show?
Your listing will have its own dedicated page within PYBO showing your

Main Business banner
Business Logo
Business description and service details
Business hours & timings
Contact details
Gallery pics
Web site Link
Video Link
Social links
Business mapped locator
Driving direction/order Pick Up location.
Email contact directly through your listing page
& Page visits counter

6. Can you get help when registering ?
Yes, you sure can.
Please send us an SMS on 0481820102 and we will call back and organize a time to assist you with your query or try and help you on the spot.

7. How long do listings take to show online after registration?
After you complete and submit your registration, we review & approve your content in 24 to 48 hours.
After approval you will receive an email with your user & account details
By that point your listing is usually Live and Online.

8. How can you contact PYBO?
We have a dedicated contact us page and additionally our contact details are also
displayed at the bottom right corner of our website.